Gretchen Toy, RPh

Gretchen brings decades of experience to Bogle Street Pharmacy. She loves working with patients to provide personal care. 

Gretchen has a super-talent where she knows every single patient, their prescription, and dose. She can also mind-read who wants their refills before a patient asks. It's weird.

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 5.48.32 PM.png
Crystal Fitzpatrick
Pharmacy Technician 


Chrystal lives in Nancy with her husband and two children. She has a cosmetology license, so be sure to ask her for some great styling tips!

Weston Dungan, PharmD

Weston is married to Jody and has two small boys. He does not have any hobbies because he was building a house that took all his spare time.

He recently took a full-time position at another clinic, but maybe he will work a few days here if we write something positive here about him.

Dan Ellenberg
Pharmacy Technician

Dan is married and expecting his first son. He studied Addiction and Recovery at Liberty University and plans to continue his education during his spare time. 

He shaved his afro in order to get this job. And then we told him that wasn't a requirement. 

Haley Ellenberg 
Drive-thru ninja


Haley is the happy cashier that keeps our drive-thru line moving efficiently.


If we didn't have to submit claims to 

insurance companies, Bogle Street Pharmacy might give the Chick-fil-A people some competition with our speedy service. 

Amy Scott
Amy Scott

The staff thinks Amy surfs daily, even though there are no beaches in Kentucky.


If you see Amy processing your prescription and wonder why the service is so slow, it's because she is the weakest link. She has other talents that are only known to her therapist.