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Gretchen Toy

Gretchen brings decades of experience to Bogle Street Pharmacy. She loves working with patients to provide personal care. 

Gretchen has a super-talent where she knows every single patient, their prescription, and dose. She can also mind-read who wants their refills before a patient asks. It's weird.

Jessica New

Pharmacy Technician

Jessica is new to our family, and so she is absolved for having a blank space here.

Lee Steele

Lee recently moved to Somerset from Tennessee.  She has a lot of experience as a pharmacist and loves getting to know her patients. Lee is afraid of needles, an unfortunate phobia for a pharmacist.     


Lee loves her UT Vols, cats, and all things Royal Family-- especially the late Queen Elizabeth II.  She and her late husband, Mike, have one grown son and an array of adorable rescued cats. 

Kamryn Wilson

Pharmacy Technician

Kamryn is skating on thin ice for refusing to turn in a few lines of text. We think something spicy will appear here soon.... 

Amanda Patterson

Pharmacy Technician 

Amanda loves her boss, and this lame bio is what happens when she doesn't turn in her paragraph.

Amy Scott

The staff thinks Amy surfs daily, even though there are no beaches in Kentucky.


If you see Amy processing your prescription and wonder why the service is so slow, it's because she is the weakest link. She has other talents that are only known to her therapist.

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